Hot! Hot! Hot!

Today the temperature in St. Louis should be around 100. I wouldn’t know, because I’ve spent the day inside giving myself old bar exam questions and drinking. (Dr. Pepper.)

When we moved to St. Louis a few months ago, people were very friendly and asked where we were from, what were we doing here, etc. When they found out we were moving from Oklahoma, weather came to the forefront of the conversation. They would look at us with a mischievous smile and tell us how darn hot it gets in Missouri and how it is just unbearable. The heat. The humidity. Obviously, we were in for a shocker when the heat kicked in.

After about two of these conversations, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I asked them if they realized we were moving from Oklahoma land of the heat, wind and rogue tornadoes. (Tornados? Dan Quayle, help!) And that I had lived in Georgia, Alabama and FLORIDA king of all that’s humid? And I survived a week each summer of my youth at Florida Bible Camp, where shorts were NOT allowed?

This was not just a chance encounter happening in St. Louis. When we moved to Oklahoma, it was the same thing. (Only I think Oklahoma does have a corner on the tornado market. And the winds! What’s the saying? “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a charging rhino?”)

Anyway, it seems that no one has a market on the ridge of high pressure that has settled over the ENTIRE UNITED STATES and is causing extremely hot temperatures and death. If it’s hot here, I’m sure it’s hot where you are, if you’re under the same weather pattern we are. So keep cool. Have a good day. Drink Dr. Pepper.


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