Fun in St. Louis

Here are a few of the fun things we have done in St. Louis:

The Zoo. It’s free, after all, and a great place to strap Matthew in a seat he can’t get out of and take off. Great exercise, too.

See, the strapping of the baby totally works. Happiness factor: 10. Weight of the stroller: at least 500 pounds.

Meanwhile, Chris was fraternizing with the locals at the STL Zoo:

Goat happiness factor: unknown.

In the butterfly house, fun abounds:

Could I look any more thrilled to be there?

Later, Brandon and some other kids attack a giant bug and save St. Louis from an invasion of super-sized dung beetles:

With that disaster averted, Brandon offers educations talks on the life cycle of gigantic tarantulas:

He’ll take your questions following the tour.

We also forced, I mean surprised, Chris with a trip to a cave on Father’s Day weekend. He said that he wanted “cave time” but I’m not sure that this is what he meant:

More updates to follow.


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